Bovine (Cattle) Ear Tag

  • In compliance with TSE and an aplicant concurrency for ICAR Standard for Bovine (Cattle) Ear Tags.
  • Thermoplastic TPU material which complies with animal health
  • Laser marking
  • Inseparable thanks to its segment locking system
  • Our bovine animal tags which are flexible, durable and able to rotate are produced at high quality with the cutting-edge technology.

Care was taken to ensure that the raw material used in all kinds of ovine animal ear tags which we produce in our own facilities is durable, it does not have any negative impacts on animal health, it is durable against climatic conditions and is aesthetic and high-quality. Figures, letters and barcodes are marked using laser and computer systems on small animal ear tags which are produced out of best materials using cutting-edge technology.

Bovine ear tag is designed and produced in various sizes depending on its areas of usage and consists of two parts. Once these two parts are combined, they become “tamperproof” which does not open by manpower..

Quality of our animal tags has been proven as a result of long and detailed tests conducted by TSE and under process as ICAR’s applicant for Bovine (Cattle) Ear Tags. It has been produced in line with the European Union standards as stipulated by official authorities in many European countries since the beginning of production and has been put on world market.